Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ain't it Funny?

Ain't it funny how sometimes you and your Pastor seem to be of one accord but you don't even know how that happened?  And yet, you couldn't have stated it better yourself, even if you had tried to in leading Sunday School??

Lately, with all the going-ons and convictions in my own personal Bible study time (brought to my own attention by others), I have been distracted to say the least.  I have been really trying to be more consistent and have been blessed beyond measure to have the encouragement and strength and the guidance needed for each day as I embark upon the journey that is the life of a homeschooling, babysitting, stay-at-home Mom.  

I am thankful for all those who are in my life and remind me, whether intentionally or not, to reset my navigational starting point back to the One who will give me no more than I can handle and handle all that I should not.

Thank You Jesus!

Initially started on 09/19/2010

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